NY Label Announces Changes

AUGUST 11, 2017–New York City based record label Serious PPL Music is moving into the artist management and marketing arena starting first quarter 2018.

“This move is not really a new move,” said Brigitte ‘Serious Voice’ James, A&R of the label. “We are consistently being asked to help artists, some established and others on the come up. Moving into this position simply solidifies everything.”

On the label side, SPM has parted ways with Houston, Tx Christian Rapper Tim “CyClone” Gross and Harrisburg, PA Rapper D.Bishop and are actively working on cultivating and managing young talent. The label has also partnered with several entities across the country and plans to host quarterly forums and showcases to boost up and coming artists.

“It’s so important to keep playing a role in the growth of this genre,” said Mr. C. “The veterans have made an impact and it’s now time to help our young men and women gain the knowledge and experience they need to get to the next level. If we don’t work with them, there will be lots of great talent, but no direction and the end result is that they get frustrated and jump ship.”

Under the leadership of Christopher James aka Mr.C, the label has garnered over 20 nominations over a span of 6 years; has had its artists showcased on Trinity Broadcasting Network, the Kingdom Choice Awards, Crossover Church, McDonald’s Gospel Fest, SXSW, Sway In The Morning, and has landed a placement on Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It series to air on Netflix this Fall. In addition, the radio play has increased from national to international airplay on a consistent basis on Internet and Terrestrial stations. Over the 2016-2017 music year SPM successfully released Shofar by Serious Voice and Little by Little single by CyClone.

The label will continue to work closely with musical genius Lenny Moore aka Mr. L , the CEO of MooreBeats and executive producer of all SPM’s projects. Mr.L has worked with countless platinum selling artists. His most recent work can be heard on The Netflix series The Get Down.

Serious PPL Music is a James Media LLC company.

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