Social Club Misfits – Lucky (Audio)

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Nothing’s ever promised, not reading the comments
A lot of failed rappers pretending they’re bloggers
A lot of jealousy if I’m keeping it honest
Y’all should blame God for keeping it from ya
10 projects in the numbers don’t lie
Got signed, they really thought it happened overnight
Was working 3 jobs collecting overtime
Still found time to preach to kids down in Overtown
I really believe in what I preach to ‘em
They said going mainstream is the key to ‘em
But I just make music, there’s no limits to it
I’ve seen the lives changed talking me included
When God’s involved there’s no way that you can stop it
They said that Christian thing wasn’t for the market
Until they saw that bus now they wanna open
Maybe we got lucky, or maybe we got chosen

Maybe we got lucky
Maybe we’re just lucky

When the plane starts shaking all I do is start writing
I’m nobody to question God’s will
Vintage like we’re Tom Hill
That’s Tommy Hilfiger you ain’t caught on still
From the golden era, but I’m hot still
I survived it, you can not say that I’m not trill
Now I’m first class for the times I was dead last
Stewardess just gave me my options for my breakfast
Alonzo ball with the fast break
Alley-oop up to Marty Mar made the glass break
Shattered board 1’s just to compliment
A lot of y’all are rapping, but do not make sense
Just putting words together, I’m flying over weather
37,000 feet should do it, yea, that’s much better
I’m a misfit, you can catch me in all black
No bandannas with my clothes, Frank Sinatra with my flows
Straight classic, I write when I’m in the zone

Take a deep breath
I count my blessings when you walked right in
Turned me out of the dark
I can stay right here in this moment forever
Maybe someone light up the stars

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